I recently went to Thailand on a mission trip with about 17 students from the school I teach at. I have personal problems with the idea of Missionaries running ‘compassion’ type programs if their ‘real’ motivation is to convert those they serve. On the other hand, I love the idea of Missionaries serving in a compassionate context if their motivation is just that – compassion. I was overjoyed to find the orphanages we visited were run by people who were deeply caring and compassionate and were living examples of Christ’s love.

Home of the Open Heart is one of the places we visited. Here their vision is to have three adjacent properties with duplexes on one, where parents who are living with AIDS can live with their children. On a second property they would have an orphanage for kids who are HIV positive. On the third they would run a hospice for those parents who are dying. This way the kids can still be close to their parents during their last weeks and days.

I was deeply moved by their vision. It also became clear to me that my experience in video production could be useful in producing something that they could take to places like USA and Australia in order to raise funds for the much-needed buildings and personnel necessary to make their vision come to fruition.