(1) Jesus Was a Homeless Guy - Jesus said that foxes have holes and birds have nests but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head. Brings a whole new perspective on the homeless issue. He pretty much called people to homelessness - sell all you have and give it to the poor... pretty challenging stuff. But most of all, having a Lord who was a homeless guy should hopefully endow those we serve with dignity they deserve.

(2) Mediocrity Makes Me Puke! – It's based on Jesus' words "if you are neither hot, nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth.

(3) Jesus Loves Muslims - My 8 yr old son, Noah, wore this graphic to church on Sunday. A woman said to him "Oh! I love your shirt!... what does it say? Jesus... loves... MUSLIMS!" She then turned to me and said, "well I suppose He does" in a disapproving tone. Noah responded with "He sure does; Jesus loves everyone".

(4) Satan Loves Xenophobia - Satan Loves Xenophobia... the fear of foreigners. Fear is opposite to faith, and love drives away all fear. If we are to operate in love and faith, then we must not operate in fear and hatred. The political climate in Australia is heating up. Even church people are publically making statements that perpetuate fear and hatred of non-westerners.

The graphic "Satan Loves Xenophobia" is disturbing. My hope is that those who see it WILL feel disturbed, and that they will subsequently feel even more disturbed next time they fire up with their racist, fear mongering social commentaries.

(5) Misho - This graphic has the word "Misho" across the middle of it. In the background you'll see two question marks - the first of the two is back-to-front. When placed together, they resemble the seductive female form. Under this is text that reads "self-help, religious dogma, or virtuous nature"

Missionary work can be very seductive. It can be a free ride, with others paying your way as you travel exotic locations across the globe being loved by all you visit and bestow the wealth of the west upon. We need to question our motivation in all that we do. Jesus worked out of a virtuous nature. He was moved with compassion, he wept, and he acted out of a deep love for those he helped. He was not deceitful, and had pure and honest motivation.

The challenge of this graphic is to love those we serve, and have no hidden agenda or alterior motive.